Cathy's fighting for corporations and special interests - not for you.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers wants her constituents in Eastern Washington to believe she represents them. She doesn't.

But Cathy has gone to great lengths to spread this lie. Her campaign website even claims that a "women-led, grassroots campaign emerge[d] to support Cathy." Here's an image that Cathy has put on billboards in her district from the "grassroots campaign" that Cathy claims spontaneously emerged to support her:

Cathy claims that Kitara claims that Cathy represents her.

The truth is that this is not a grassroots campaign. It is an advertisement campaign created and funded by Cathy's political war chest, rife with donations from powerful outside special interests. Just look at the disclosure language at the bottom of the image.

"Paid for by Cathy McMorris Rodgers for US Congress." Always read the fine print.

So we created this website to expose Cathy's true constituents, the groups and entities Cathy is actually looking out for: corporations, PACs, wealthy donors, and those with the money to make it worth her while.